Who we are

Abiel (Biomedical and Industrial Applications of Lytic Enzymes) is a ground breaking Biotechnology Company founded in as a spin-off of the National Council of Research (CNR) and the University of Palermo.

Abiel is composed by a multidisciplinary team of qualified scientists and professionals with expertise in enzymology, biochemistry, cell biology and biomarine sciences.

Abiel strives in developing high quality lytic enzymes to help advances in cell isolation for regenerative medicine and cell therapy applications.

Giulio is expert in enzymology and biochemistry with international background including post-doc at the University of Georgetown in Washington, USA. He is author of important articles published in prestigious scientific journals and speaker in many conferences on the topic of proteolytic enzymes. He is currently Professor of Biochemistry at University of Palermo.

Monica is skilled in proteolytic enzymes and human collagenases, having spent a relevant part of her studies in USA, at the Lombardi Cancer Center. She also spent time in Miami at the Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where she was updated on the techniques of Langherans’s islets extraction, purification and related techniques.

She is a qualified expert in marine biological resources and currently researcher in Marine biology at the National Council of Research- Institute for Marine Coastal Environment (CNR-IAMC), Campobello di Mazara (TP). From many years she has been committed to studying and monitoring the marine environment, participating in many national and European projects of industrial and fundamental research, dissemination of scientific culture and education.

Salvatore has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a long track record on marketing and BD of biomedical drugs. Salvatore is graduated magna cum laude in Organic Chemistry at the University of Catania and holds a BSc in Pharmacy.

Danilo holds a BSc in Economics from University of Naples, a Master degree in Internet Business from SDA Bocconi. His main expertise is in business modeling and early-stage financing of technology businesses. He has managed and coordinated several EU and national R&D funded projects with first-class partners. He also sits in several boards of Med-Tech and ICT companies.

Alessandra achieved a PhD in Oncobiology at the University of Palermo and she spent one year at the Imperial College in London as visiting student. She has worked for 4 years at the Curie Institute in Paris focusing her researchers on the role of exosomes in the regulation of melanogenesis. Then she moved at I-STEM, a Telethon laboratory in Evry (France), where she worked on the Progeria disease, performing experiments on stem cells. She is an expert of cellular and molecular biology and author of relevant papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Silvia achieved a PhD in Oncobiology at the University of Palermo. During her academic and scientific research, she acquired experience in Cellular Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology; in particular she acquired an expertise for using 3D support for tissue engineering applications.

Simona achieved a PhD in Oncobiology at the University of Palermo. She worked at University of Greenwich, Chatham Martime (UK), as visiting student during the PhD. She worked at the University of Palermo and CNR as researcher in biotechnology and regenerative medicine fields obtaining competencies and technical skills in the enzymology and cellular biology.

Paolo is graduated in Biotechnology at University of Palermo. He is an expert in molecular microbiology with specific skills in genetic manipulation, bioinformatics and molecular biology.

Carmelo holds a degree on Veterinary Medicine, SdS in Clinical and pathology of companion animals and specializing in Sciences and medicine of laboratory animals. He had an internship in Internal medicine -Cardiology for ECVIM-Ca in Vet Clinic Gran Sasso (Milan), achieving the Certification of competence in echocardiography (CeCEV). He has also technical skills in enzymology and advanced imaging and surgery.

What we do

Abiel is a biotechnology company committed to R&D, production and marketing of innovative high quality lytic enzymes for tissue dissociation in cell therapy and regenerative medicine applications.
Abiel’s recombinant collagenases represent a step forward towards the optimization and standardization of cell isolation protocols, a major challenge in the future of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.
We currently offer services in the field of lytic enzymes and regenerative medicine, in particular screening and characterization of lytic enzymes, engineering and development of novel recombinant proteins, ex-vivo animal models for tissue dissociation enzymes selection.
The Company’s sustainable growth is focused on identifying new proteolytic enzymes from biomarine sources for extractive processes at low temperature. This strategic commitment is closely linked to the scientific relationship with IAMC-CNR (Institute for Coastal Marine Environment of the National Research Council) of Capo Granitola (Campobello di Mazara), where part of Abiel’s research is located.



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